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Here I am.  I’m not the best with words.  After all, I do think in pictures.  Anyway, here I go.  I’ve been an observer my entire life.  I enjoy looking (some would say staring) at pretty things, and that includes men!  I’m a Gemini which accounts for my sweet, innocent half and my darker, saucier half.  Take a look at my galleries and you’ll see what I mean.  I see beauty in all types of men:  young, old, skinny, fat, shy, outgoing.   The range and expression of our emotions is also beautiful to me.  So feel free to cry in front of me.  Or curse.  Or act like an idiot.  You may see me do all of the above.

I sympathize with people who don’t enjoy having photos taken, but that doesn’t scare me away.  In fact, I enjoy the challenge of making someone love his pictures.  My nurturing, kind personality helps my clients and models feel at ease.  Often, I hear guys say, “I couldn’t have felt that comfortable with just anyone,” or “thanks for making the process so painless,” or “I can’t believe how great you made me look!”

What makes me special is that I’m not just a photographer.  I’m a trustworthy confidant, an encouraging coach, and a thoughtful artist.  Someone who truly cares about making you feel special.  I can’t wait to get the chance to meet you!

My work is not all safe.  The following website features a variety of galleries, some of which show nudity and erotic themes.  Rather than compartmentalize who I am, I feel it is important to embrace the range of who I am and show the versatility in what I do.   To check out my portfolios of family, wedding, and other “safe for work” yet equally beautiful and poignant photography, please visit www.maxwoltmanphotography.com.

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