Dudoir Photo Shoots

“Thank you for shooting me!  I was very nervous and it took a lot not to seek external validation about my body insecurities like…my stomach being too big, my penis being too small, imperfections in my skin, and lack of musculature.  But despite all that, you managed to make me feel comfortable, safe, and even forget I was naked for a minute.  Thank you!” -Steve


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Max a couple of times and during those times, he was an amazing photographer to work with. I had been searching high and low for someone who could capture my transition from pre-testosterone to post and any time after (should those times have come) and he did everything he could to make any awkward and uncomfortable feelings I had seem nonexistent. I couldn’t have asked for a better guy to capture the raw moment from my pre-T times as great as he did.” -Jayden


“The first thing you need to know about Max is that he is the most gentle benevolent friendly fellow you’ll likely ever encounter! He is a consumate professional with a keen eye and creative flare that consistently brings out the best in those that choose to work with him. He is excellent and putting you at ease and certainly deserves the price you negotiate! Many people photograph but few possess the innate artistic abilities that Max demonstrates through his work. If you are in search of a kind wonderful young professional artist photographer than please give Max a serious look! I can promise you won’t soon forget it!” -Bo

DUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY  (the guy version of boudior photography):

This is an opportunity for you to let out your wild, sexy side!  Great for yourself, your girlfriend/boyfriend, online dating/hookup sites, etc.  Feel free to bring a partner or playmate if you wish.  Sessions starting at $150.  Contact me at mwoltman@mac.com for more details.

MaxWoltman_dudoir_C MaxWoltman_dudoir_F MaxWoltman_dudoir_A MaxWoltman_dudoir_Db MaxWoltman_dudoir_B MaxWoltman_dudoir_H

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