Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only photograph MEN?

No.  I love photographing women too.  And dogs. And flowers. And sunsets.  In fact, I find beauty in just about everything.  However, this site is dedicated primarily to guys and their admirers.


Do I have to get naked?

Absolutely not.  The kind of shoot you arrange with me can be naughty or nice (or somewhere in between or a little of both).  However, if you are curious about shooting nudes, I’m the right photographer for you.  I will make you feel comfortable and confident about your body!


How discreet are the images?

However discreet you want them to be.  Some of us are very private and don’t want anyone to see the shots.  And some of us are exhibitionists who love putting ourselves out there for the whole world to see.  No images will be displayed to others without your approval.


Are most of the guys you photograph gay?

I’m not sure.  My gaydar isn’t always accurate.  But it really doesn’t matter to me.  Some of us are more open about our sex lives than others.  That being said, your sexual orientation can be a factor in how we decide to take the photos.  Some of us are very proud about being straight or conversely gay.  I want the photos we take to be a reflection of who YOU are.  If you have an open mind, we’ll get along just fine.


What if my body isn’t great?

That’s okay.  None of us is completely happy with our own physique.  Just remember that you are working with a talented photographer who is a master with lighting, knows how to find your best angles, and whose intention is to make you look and feel as great as possible.  When you work with me, it’s not about you looking perfect.  It’s about you showing off your unique sexy self the way it looks right now.  I guarantee that you will be amazed at how good you look in the photos.



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