Max Woltman publishes NEW MEXICO MEN: TATTOOS!

Announcing the release of NEW MEXICO MEN: TATTOOS!
In a normal year, this would be New Mexico Men Calendar time. But COVID-19 has presented distinct challenges, making it difficult to print and distribute a 2021 calendar for my loyal and supportive friends.
And so, to kick off a (let’s HOPE) terrific new year, I’m releasing NEW MEXICO MEN: TATTOOS, the third book in my New Mexico Men series. This volume features a variety of New Mexico men and their unique body art.
NEW MEXICO MEN: TATTOOS, like each book in the series, includes approximately 100 evocative photographs in B&W and color.
Any of the books are great for holiday gifts or for your own collection. $35 each plus tax and shipping. Please be advised these books contain nudity.
No assumptions should be made about the gender, sexual orientation, religious or political views of any model included on this site.