I created this site to showcase the range of my photographic work focusing on what male beauty means to me. Some of my images are innocent and playful.  Others are suggestive.  Some are blatantly erotic.  Some are awkward and uncomfortable.  Like an actor who plays different roles, my calling as a photographer is to illustrate the complex diversity of life and specifically address what it means to be a man.


First and foremost, we as men are sexually driven and it is important for me to portray that in my work. Whether you identify as straight, gay, or somewhere in the middle, sex is a natural part of who we are.  And we obviously can’t stop thinking about it.  But too often we equate sexuality with something dark, threatening, or meant to be hidden.  I don’t know if it is fear of the phallus or insecurities about our penis size/function, but somehow we are more tolerant of flashing guns in the media than we are showing nudity.  Though we are bombarded with pornographic images, many of us have trouble facing the reality of sex and how it affects our everyday lives, relationships, marriages, and children.


My hope is that beyond titillating the viewer, my non-conventional, controversial photographs can help us question and openly discuss how we feel about ourselves, including confronting the sometimes uncomfortable, humorous, or traumatic feelings we may have around our bodies, emotions, and sexuality.


Not all the photography on this site may meet traditional standards of beauty or look like images you expect to see on Facebook or cable television.  I hope you will take a moment to acknowledge the feelings you have when you peruse my galleries and open your mind to seeing the world in a new way.

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